This is MORE Than Just Investing

Authors:  MDI (Johnny Ruiz & Charles Martinez)

This is not just investing to us.  It’s about making an impact on the lives of others.  We're sure that has been said many times before, but it will be very hard to find a group of young individuals who joined together to try to change the world using finance, investing, and pop culture.  We believe we have what it takes to do just that.


One of our main goals is to teach investing to the impoverished. The truth is, when you grow up without money, you tend to live around those in a similar situation. This is where the saying, “You don’t know, what you don’t know” comes into play.  If your parents don’t know how to manage money or invest, how are they supposed to teach you to do these things? They can’t.  Often enough this creates an unpleasant cycle of financial education failing to be passed along to the next generation.

Yes, you get the occasional family within these communities that are very successful and can change the lives of their family members for generations. But what about the hundreds of others within the community that cannot enjoy the same benefits of said family and how they came to be successful?

This is where we saw an opportunity to be dangerous.

We have the skill-set to be in the same room as any Wall Street investor or trader.  With that said, we have decided to connect directly with communities which lack financial training or experience.  One example of such, is starting investment clubs in inner-city high schools.  This will ensure that the youth of these areas are exposed to advanced market training. 


We also offer online training.  These are courses we created and provide to you via our website.  We have online chat groups to help you navigate the market and directly communicate with us daily!  All of our content is self-created and diligently produced to fit the needs of any level of trader.

If you're new to finance and are not sure where to begin, we suggest visiting our Investing Crash Course.  This tutorial will offer various tips and knowledge to get you started on your path to growing your wealth.  Check out the link below: 

MDI: Investing Crash Course 


There you have it.  These are our goals and ways in which we aim to achieve them.  We believe that having novice investors in the same room as seasoned investors will lead to wins for EVERYBODY. Not only can they trade together, they can learn together. 

This is NOT just investing.

It’s about bridging wealth gaps, sharing a community, changing lives, and being inclusive with information. We hope you enjoy! 

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